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The Magical Moon

Maria De Brabandere
A children’s novel with entertainment, intrigues, morals, tension, adventures, obstacles, wise solutions and victory.
Illustrations by Darina Dobreva
"Welcome to the Magical Moon
your adventures begin soon.
Crossing once this gate
for going back will be too late.
The colours here are brighter,
the Sun and sky are nicer.
The ice-cream is for free.
Choose where you want to be.
The fun here never ends,
because you share it with new friends."
The Magical Moon is...
...where you find new friends
"The penguins will die," Nicolas answered.
"Why?" Wannes asked terrified.
"Because of all the cars, motorbikes, factories and plastic we use and throw. They pollute the nature and result in a global warming. There is no snow any more, the ice melts and the penguins will die," Nicolas explained sadly.
"Oh, so sad," said Wannes. "But you can help them. You can save the penguins. We can learn from our mistakes. If we want, of course."
...where the time does not exist
"We don’t need to know the exact time. Everything floats on its own motion and speed."
"Before, when I was 5, I didn’t know and didn’t care about the time. My life was great. Now, when I have to say what the time is on the clock, I still don’t care, but I must know it."
"When I am at school and I have to study, 20 minutes is a lot,".
...where there are no grown-ups
...where you cook your own meal in the restaurant
"I love to cook my meal not in dreams but in real. I will cook it quick, stirring with a stick. When it’s ready I will share with my friends with love and care."
...where an ice-cream tree sings
"Ice-cream, ice-cream, taste your dream.
Orange, blue or purple...
Do not waste your time like turtle.
Pick it up and go away
hurry up with no delay!
Ice-cream, ice-cream!
Eat me! I won’t scream!".
... in great danger.
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The first readers became the first friends of the Magical Moon!
"It's a magical book for kids and adults, which keeps alive the child’s imagination. Highly recommended!!!" - Mariya Ivanova
"Dear Maria, I’ve read your "Magical Moon" story. You have quite an imagination! It’s a very creative and imaginative story." - John Hodgkins, Editor
"The book is great! I love it!" - Darina Dobreva, illustrator
"It is a true cinematic fiction book. It would be a great movie." - D. Jones, producer.
"In the darkness of the night
pops the sky with planets bright.
A moonlit magic path reveals
an adventure which appeals
to the little children in their dreams."

Some nights are lit by the most magic moon – the one that shines over the misterious Middle East. The Magical Moon of Abu Dhabi has inspired the author to create and add one more unforgettable story to the great 1001 Arabian Nights. Enjoy!
According to family Teddy, any reader above 7 will love this book.
Maria De Brabandere has been a professional writer since she graduated the University as a philologist.
As a journalist, she has covered stories from the core of Europe and the Middle East; as a poet, she has published a children’s educational poetry book for the school "Bell", she founded and managed in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; as a scriptwriter, she has created original texts and concepts for TV shows.
As a Master of words, she presents her children’s novel "The Magical Moon", the first book of the series "Nicolas & Lawrence".
Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi.

A Harry Potter book lays abandoned on the windowsill.
The aristocat ChiChi is not interested.

Because if the cat could choose,
the cat will choose Nicolas & Lawrence!